Wattup tho? I’m Jordan. From Phila. [twenty frickin one yes 21 yrs old now]  My definition of natural hair: No perm in your head at all.You can’t really say ‘no chemicals’ unless you are using all natural ingredients.   I have two types of natural: The no perm, but you’re hair is straightened with an flat iron or hot comb.   Second definition: rocking twists, locks, afros etc. I had a perm in 8th grade and haven’t had one since. I wore twists starting in June 2008- When I first started I HATED IT, but it has grown on me. Now I wear it out, but it broke a lot from 20 -21[years old] and I’m learning about my hair and patience. I’m working on growth [like always] and also making sure I understand how to deal with my hair: what it needs, how to work with it, what type of products are best  etc A little about me:  I write (6 diaries) started at 8 yrs old. Musics is necessary. I am a Christian, I love all sports I’ve taken a BIG liking to football in the past year -OD liking.  I love to eat, cook and bake. I have all these goals to reach by the time i’m 25. At first it seemed like i had ALLL this time but 25 is right here! omg I need to get on it… like being fluent in french! My own blog: jordn23.wordpress.com]

JessicaHiii Guysz! Its meee, Jessica aka Jess. Im 19 and Natural! 🙂 Hmm Im from Miami, Florida and ended up in Jersey with these other 2 crazy girls! (Love yallz). Im 10 months post relaxer and lovin’ it. It was a drastic decision para mi (“for me” in spanish), but I love love love it! I was determined to revert back to my younger days of no perm, and the picture to the far left was my first step in making that transition. I did the BC in Feb 2009with Jas as my guide, and Ive just been experimenting  mostly. Haven’t been to a salon yet, and it is really low maintenance. I have hair type 4a and just looking forward to it growing out long, healthy, and naturally! Hmm what else?! Oh yea, I started gettin relaxers from as far back as I could remember, but I rocked alot of plaits (or box braids if u wish) growing up. Ok. Im gunna expand on ALL of this in a future, but soon to come post, so lo0k forward to it! =] And I love every type of music… Mostly Carribean, Reggae, dancehall, salsa, zouk, kmpas, carnival, everything! oh IM HAITIAN!! =]  And I think thats about it! =]


Hey guys!!!…This is Jasmine I’m also nineteen and natural lol…I’m not much of a blogger but when I heard about this one I figured it was time to become one =)…soo my natural hair journey is still a working progress:: I was natural all the way up to 8th grade but then I got a perm =/ and kept that up through my freshman year of college, so here I am 1.5 years post a relaxer and I’m really happy with my hair!!! [I do have my moments where I just don’t know what to do with it but hey that happens with all hair types] and I would have to say the 3 best things about natural hair are 1.) Not having to run away from the rain like im sugar that’ll melt when wet lol 2.) Not having to put heat to it so often, which allows it to grow a lot faster and 3.) Definitely the versatility of it, there are sooo many styles I never knew about but OHHH mostly importantly, I can wash it in the middle of the week and go out the same day lol…with straight hair I had to wait til the weekend and blow dry it– wrap it– curl it, all this extra stuff, now I can just wash n go =)…Fun Fact about Me: I’m a 90’s music junkie, listening to Mint Condition as we speak  😉 lol


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